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Learn to play anything you want to on the drums, whenever you want! We offer flexible drum lesson times.  Starting at $130 a month for 4 lessons, book four 30-minute private Zoom drum lessons, or private in-person drum lessons.  From jazz to classic rock drum lessons, Gene Krupa to Led Zepplin, and everything in between, our drum lessons are designed to help you learn how to play what you want while advancing your drum skills.

Drum Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Drummers

Drum Lessons for Beginner

Our drum lessons are designed to help you learn how to play what you want while advancing your drum skills.  Beginners drum students learn basic rhythms, proper technique, and practice coordination exercises.  This means learning quarter notes, eighth notes, and their combinations, how to hold the drumsticks correctly, using wrists and arms to produce different sounds on the drum set and playing a simple beat with the hands while adding in bass drum hits with the foot. 

Intermediate Drummers

For intermediate drum students, we focus on advanced rhythms and grooves, dynamic control which includes practicing techniques such as ghost notes (very soft notes) and accents (emphasis on certain notes) to add depth and expression to their playing.  Lastly, intermediate drummers practice playing different rhythms with each limb simultaneously, enhancing their ability to play complex patterns and fills.

Free Trial Drum Lesson

If you are a beginner drummer, intermediate drummer, or you are currently playing another instrument and flirting with playing drums, this free lesson is for you!  Alternatively, if you are simply looking for a new instructor or flexible private online or in-person drum lessons, our free trial drum lesson makes sense too! Call us for no-obligation consultation today.

Meet the Drum Instructor

Chris Reisinger began his musical journey at the age of four with piano and music theory lessons. In second grade, he started taking percussion lessons under the direction of Mr. Gene Piccolo, a local jazz musician. After Mr. Piccolo’s passing, Chris began training on the drum set at School of Rock. While at School of Rock, he performed the drum set at Minnesota Music Café and studied with numerous local musicians.

Throughout his musical studies, Chris participated in percussion & piano performances & exams including National Federation of Music Clubs and Minnesota Music Teachers association events. He was an active percussionist in grade school, middle school, and high school band.

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To sign-up for private online or in-person drum lessons below.  Select four available dates on our calendar for next month.  Tuition for four 30-minute lessons for the month is $130.00.  Please prepay via PayPal for your four lessons before you confirm your dates on our calendar to ensure your drum lesson dates are reserved.  In-person drum lessons are held at 17450 Jersey Way, Lakeville, MN 55044. 

Questions? Call us for no-obligation consultation today.

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Benefits of Learning to Play the Drums:

  • Drumming Provides a sense of accomplishment and belonging: While learning the drums can be challenging, it is rewarding and gives drummers a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Feeling a sense of belonging and accomplishment builds self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improves cognitive function: Playing the drum can help you to improve memory and your cognitive function. Playing the drum requires coordination between your hands, feet, and your brain.
  • Boosts creativity: Drumming helps to boost your brain and think creatively. Drumming helps you to think creatively.
  • Drumming can be therapeutic: People who suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction, and other various conditions often receive relief from drumming.
  • Reduces Stress: Drumming is an excellent way to reduce tension and stress. Drumming is known to reduce cortisol levels in the body. These elevated levels of cortisol are associated with stress.
  • Helps with relaxation: Playing the drums can often help you to relax and rewind at the end of the day.
  • Improves physical fitness: Playing the drums can be very physically demanding. Drumming can help improve your cardiovascular health, strength, and endurance.
  • Drumming can improve mood: Drumming is known to release endorphins into the brain, endorphins are chemicals that improve mood.
  • Drumming enhances social skills: Drumming is often associated with working with others in a group setting, this makes drumming a wonderful way to meet people. This will help improve social skills, communication and working as a teamwork.
  • Drumming teaches self-discipline: Drumming is an ongoing discovery into learning discipline and staying in control. Benefits include development of muscle memory.
  • The best of all: Drumming is fun! It is a wonderful way to be creative and have a blast!

At Reisinger Conservatory of Music Studying an instrument sets our students up for a life time of enjoyment of music.

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