Guitar Lessons

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons at Reisinger Conservatory of Music, Lakeville, MN

The Possibilities are Endless

Whether you dream of playing for pleasure or shredding on a stage, our music studio offers acoustic and electric guitar lessons that ignite your passion. Let’s dive into the world of strings, chords, and melodies!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

The Warmth of Acoustic Tones

By strumming an acoustic guitar, rich, warm tones are produced. Our acoustic lessons cover fingerpicking, open chords, and folk-style playing. You’ll learn to create music with just six strings and a wooden body.

Songwriting Sessions

Acoustic guitars are storytellers. We’ll explore songwriting techniques, helping you write your own original compositions, sharing with friends. Plus, we’ll record your completed compositions so that you can share them with your friends!

Fingerstyle Mastery

From classical to contemporary, fingerstyle guitar opens a world of possibilities. Our instructors will guide you through intricate patterns, harmonies, and techniques.

Electric Guitar Lessons: Unleash the Power

The Electric Guitar

Plug in, turn up the amp, and let the electric guitar roar! Our lessons cover power chords, scales, and riffs. Get ready for distortion, wah-wah pedals, and epic solos.

Rock, Blues, and Beyond

Electric guitars thrive in rock and blues. We’ll dive into classic rock anthems, blues licks, and bending notes.

Effects and Gear Exploration

Pedals, pickups, and tone knobs, our instructors will take you step-by-step through the world of guitar gear. You’ll experiment with delay, reverb, and overdrive. Discover your signature sound and create your personal sound.

Online and In-Studio Lessons

We offer online and in studio lessons. You can learn from the comfort of your home or come to the studio. Our virtual studio ensures the same quality education, minus the commute.

All Ages, All Levels

Our studio welcomes all ages. Beginners-intermediates, everyone’s invited. If you can hold a guitar, you are welcome to join our musical family.

Ready to strum, riff, and rock? Join our music studio today! Whether you choose acoustic or electric, we’ve got the perfect guitar lessons waiting for you.

At Reisinger Conservatory of Music Studying an instrument sets our students up for a life time of enjoyment of music.

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